Kristin is currently...

  • a Colleague with The Collective NY (a theater company based in the work of Meisner and established in the tradition of the Group Theatre)
  • a Member of Filmshop (a collective of independent filmmakers that develops new work through peer support and collaboration) 

Both organizations offer not only logistical support in the effort to create new work, but also opportunities to workshop and hone skills, invaluable communities and some beautiful inspiration.

Always eager to learn new forms of storytelling, Kristin is currently researching 360 video and Virtual Reality techniques and open to opportunities to collaborate in this area.  More to come!

With the help of 2 extraordinary American Ballet Theater dancers and a GoPro, Kristin wanted to explore the feeling of the dancers taking flight.  Big thank you to ABT, James Whiteside, Isabella Boylston and John Luther Adams whose bird-like whistling you hear.